About Fearless

Maxwell Cunningham is a daddy who’s spent far too many years without a boy to call his own. It’s a part of his past he was sure he’d buried long ago. While in town for business, he ventures into Bottoms Up and sets eyes on a sassy, stubborn bartender whose flair and poorly hidden struggles call to him on a level he can’t ignore.
Krew Cruwys may be a spitfire, but he is not a boy. No way. No how. Not gonna happen. It’s not his kink. Besides, Krew prefers to be free. To explore men and sex on his own terms—which doesn’t include commitments or emotions. Period.
When a hookup gone wrong leaves Krew in the concerned hands of the sexy silver stud he’d been snubbing all night, things get complicated.
Maxwell feels a pull he hasn’t felt in over ten years, but Krew is unequivocally decided that he doesn’t want a daddy.
Or love.
Or a relationship.
But what could it hurt to play a role for a night? It’s only words. It’s just a game. It doesn’t mean anything…
…until, maybe, it does.
**This is not exactly a Daddy/boy kink book, although, it does play in that direction at times. Any hint at a Dom/sub lifestyle is very mild**