About Lost in a Moment

One moment in time, one unfortunate accident, and Grayson Brooks’ life changed forever. Not only is he suffering physically, but as each day passes, he’s convinced he’s losing his mind.Terrorized by each passing minute, fighting to get back on track, Grayson only succeeds in slipping further into the clutches of his anxiety. He’s convinced time will heal all wounds. But time is his enemy. There is no escape.

Beckett O’Keefe has known Grayson all his life. Best friends to the end, he’s determined to help Grayson recover from his accident. Taking Grayson under his roof while his physical injuries heal seemed like a good idea at the time. But every day, Grayson slips further out of reach, and Beckett struggles to understand what haunts his friend’s mind. To make matters worse, their close proximity has brought on feelings Beckett can’t understand. Beckett is straight… or so he thought. The heart says one thing. The mind says another.

Has Beckett spent thirty years in the dark? Could he be falling for his best friend?

Except, Grayson is only a shadow of the man he once was. If Beckett can’t help Grayson get back on track, there may be no future.