About Touch of Love

Touch is a fundamental part of human interaction. What happens when that simple pleasure causes immeasurable fear?

Ireland Hayes has fought an uphill battle with his phobia most of his life, believing “normal” is unachievable.
Every time things look up, unexpected triggers set him right back to square one where he needs to start over.
When he falls, he falls hard.

Work is impossible.
Love is impossible.
Life is impossible.

Raven Kingsley takes life as it comes. Not many things bother this free-spirited man. He is passionate, vibrant, and easy-going. He’s the friend who’s always there, and the sympathetic shoulder for anyone in need.
He works hard.
Loves with his entire heart and soul.
And believes life is always possible.

Ireland doesn’t have much faith in relationships. The past has proven many times that he isn’t worthy of love. Everyone gives up. Will Raven prove different? When the walls come crashing down, will love prevail? Or are life, love, and happiness truly meant for someone else?