Trials of Fear

The Trials of Fear all take place in the fictitious city of Dewhurst Point and can be read as standalones. However, for greater reader enjoyment, it is suggested they be read in order. The reading order is as follows. Click for more information and buy links:

Owl’s Slumber

Shades of Darkness

Touch of Love


Lost in a Moment

Cravings of the Heart

Heal With You

A Very Merry Krewmas is a Trials of Fear holiday novel and IS NOT standalone. All characters from the Trials of Fear are revisited in this fun holiday novel.


Trials of Fear Niblets

The fear niblets are short stories that standalone separate from the Trials of Fear series. They take place in the same fictional city and deal with less impacting phobias. Click links below for more information.

Rigger’s Decision

Slater’s Silence