TABOO UPDATE: My taboo books have been removed from Amazon and will not be available on that platform any longer. At the moment, only Sinfully Mine, Risk Takers, and Rule Breakers are available on Smashwords. End Scene and Secrets & Lies will be available near the end of June.


Clashing Hearts Confused Hearts Forgetful Hearts Concealed Hearts


An MM romantic mystery coming MAY 31ST

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Two single dads.

Two head-strong teenagers.

One dead body.

It was supposed to be a vacation to help Nova reconnect with his son. A cabin in the middle of nowhere, nature all around, peace and serenity. What he didn’t expect was to fall for his neighbor in the cabin across the lake.

He didn’t expect an erratic and unusual broadcast on a radio station no longer in existence.

Nor did he expect a dead body in the water.

Something is happening in the small town of Drysdale.

Mercy likes his mysteries to stay within the pages of his novels. When strange things start to happen at his summer cabin, he and his daughter team up with the man and his son on the other side of the lake to get to the bottom of it. A little amateur sleuthing won’t hurt anyone, right?

Someone out there knows the truth.

Who is the man on the radio?

What does he know?

Mercy and Nova are determined to find out, but are they willing to risk life and limb for answers?

Because someone in Drysdale doesn’t want their secrets revealed.

**Radio Static is an MM romantic mystery involving two single dads in their midforties.**

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