January 10th:

Krew snuck out of the gate early!! He is up and live on Amazon. For those following the Trials of Fear series, Krew’s book is a companion and not technically numbered with the rest. Although he does deal with an element of fear, it is significantly milder than the others. His is fun and lower angst. An nice intermission. I hope you all enjoy!

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November 28th:

Well, I hit the go button on “The Christmas I Know” early. Andrew and Xavier’s story is in your hands. As always, it can be read free with Kindle Unlimited or be purchased on Amazon for just $2.99. (see book section for links).

It’s not often I write something fluffy and warm, but the holidays always need a whole lot of love and not as much angst.

A nasty snowstorm, a pompous, soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, nasty hot chocolate, too-big boots, and what were the words to that Christmas carol?

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