The following is a list of the most prominent trigger warnings for every one of my books. If I’m missing anything major, I apologize, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll be sure it is added to the list as soon as possible.

Trials of Fear

  • Owls Slumber: death of a parent, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, disorders, drug use, homophobia, medical emergency, medical trauma, car accident, mention of child abuse, grief
  • Shades of Darkness: smoking, bullying, homophobia, panic attacks, anxiety disorder
  • Touch of Love: death of a parent, discussions of past abuse/rape, anxiety disorder
  • Fearless: mentions of child abuse, emotional abuse, attempted assault, homophobia
  • Lost in a Moment: amputation, natural disaster, accident, anxiety disorder, panic attacks
  • Cravings of the Heart: homophobia, medical emergency, religious bigotry, eating disorder
  • Heal With You: no content warning
  • A Very Merry Krewmas: no content warning

Healing Hearts

  • No Regrets: terminal illness, alcoholism, medical emergency, grief, depression, HFN ending
  • New Beginnings: alcoholism, grief and mourning over loss of partner, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideations
  • The Escape: sex trafficking, drug use, alcohol use, mentions of sexual and physical abuse, mentions of underage sex trafficking
  • Lost Soul: drug addiction, drug use, smoking, withdrawal/recovery, HIV

Hometown Jasper

  • Clashing Hearts: homophobia, cruelty to animals (spray paint on a dog), mentions of child neglect, medical emergency
  • Confused Hearts: body dysphoria
  • Forgetful Hearts: bullying, amnesia, medical emergency, drugs
  • Concealed Hearts: homophobia, suicidal ideations, violence

Rail Riders

  • End of the Line: drug use, discussions of past assault, blood, off-page mentions of violence
  • Lost at the Crossing: mental health, selective mutism, medical emergency, accident
  • Catching Out: dead bodies, discussions of murder
  • On the Fly: mental health, mentions of suicide, mentions of drug use, bi-polar disorder, mentions of gender dysphoria

Valor and Doyle

  • Temporary Partner: missing infant, kidnapping, discussions of infertility and miscarriage, discussions of alcoholism
  • Elusive Relations: death, violence, blood, discussions of alcoholism
  • Unstable Connections: missing children, kidnapping, drug use, discussions of alcoholism, violence
  • Inevitable Disclosure: death of a child, discussion of animal abuse (minor and not detailed), violence, gun use
  • Defying Logic: kidnapping, PTSD, alcoholism, mental health, discussions of a scenario surrounding a mass shooting
  • Disrupted Engagement: death, discussion of drugs and addiction, alcoholism, violence

Death Row Chronicles

  • Inside: prison, death penalty, mentions of blood, violence, and murder, homophobia, racism, violence, discussions of drug use, mentions of rape, mention of off-page suicide attempt, suicidal ideations, death of a family member
  • Outside: homophobia, racism, mental health, suicidal ideations


  • Until the End of Time: homophobia, bullying, homophobic language, prison, violence
  • Trusting Tanner: domestic abuse (physical and verbal)
  • Rocky Mountain Refuge: mental health, homophobia, mentions of violence and death
  • Love Me Whole: mental health (dissociative identity disorder), self-harm, mentions of past childhood sexual abuse, suicidal ideations and attempt, medical emergency, bullying, homophobia
  • The Devil Inside: drug addiction, alcohol abuse, mental health, self-harm, suicidal ideations, violence, homophobia, internalized homophobia, harsh homophobic language, religious bigotry
  • Long Way Home: PTSD, off-page suicidal ideations, homophobia, side character deaths, homophobic language, mental health, violence, war
  • The Endless Road to Sunshine: depression, mental health, grief, alcohol abuse, kidnapping, torture, violence, mentions of murder and death
  • The One That Got Away: mental health, panic attacks / disorder, OCD, dissociative episodes, PTSD, stalking, violence, mentions of kidnapping and child sex trafficking, mentions of child death, homophobia
  • Not What It Seems: mental health, violence, murder
  • Radio Static: murder, violence
  • Everything I Didn’t Know: mentions of child neglect, cultish activities, death, violence


  • Secrets and Lies: incest (father/son), mental health, kidnapping, drug use, negligent parenting
  • Sinfully Mine: incest (brothers), homophobia, mental health, mentions death of an infant
  • End Scene: incest (twins), homophobia
  • Risk Takers / Rule Breakers: incest (brothers, brothers and son), drug and alcohol use


  • The Christmas I Know: mentions of child abandonment and homophobia
  • Twinkle Star: internalized homophobia