Risk Takers Ebook

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One night of reckless fun changed our entire lives.

We didn’t apologize for what we did because we weren’t sorry.
Instead, we kept it a secret.
It was ours, and it was amazing.
We were risk takers and rule breakers, and we weren’t going to let anything stand in our way.

It might have lasted, if not for one tiny lapse in judgment.
After that, everything came to a crashing halt.
It was over. Finished. Done.

Or was that mistake the beginning of something better?

**Risk Takers is an MM taboo with contents that some people may find objectionable. It is a prequel to Rule Breakers which will be an MMM taboo. This novella has neither a HEA nor HFN ending (and doesn’t end in tragedy—despite my reputation—scout’s honor) but acts strictly as prelude to the full-length novel. It is complete in its own way.**

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