Secrets & Lies

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I didn’t plan for him to come into my life. He came without warning. Without permission.
I didn’t want him there, and a small part of me loathed his very existence.
But then something changed.
Overnight, he became everything to me.
I loved him. I cherished him. He was mine. But they took him from me. They tore him from my life with such cruelty, my heart wept.
My soul cried.
For years I went without him.
Until… He was back. And everything had changed. Our bond was deeper. Our needs greater. He was my addiction.
But it was dangerous. Too dangerous to hold on to. Too dangerous to keep. Loving him like this wasn’t safe.
Loving him… was wrong.

**This book contains content of a taboo nature. It involves two blood relatives. Please heed warning. This book is not for everyone**