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Heal With You

  • M/M Romance

  • Release Date: June 5, 2019

    Six couples.
    One conference.
    You’ve taken their journeys. Fought the hard road along with them, but where are our couples at today? Dr. Kelby and her associate Dr. Mann have organized a conference in faraway Alberta to discuss their research of life-crippling phobias.

    Join up with Finnley, Rory, Ireland, Grayson, Arden, and all their partners as they travel across the country to take part in something a little more daunting than any of them expected. Who better to set all these men at ease than a surprise guest who probably shouldn’t be there.
    Who invited Krew anyway?
    The road toward healing and happiness has improved, but where do our couples go from here?

    What do their futures hold?

    A farewell to all the Trials of Fear boys.

    **This book is NOT standalone and should be read only after you have read ALL previous Trials of Fear books**

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