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Narrated by: Adam Gold

Shades of Darkness

  • M/M Romance

  • Release Date: July 26, 2018

    Why did his therapist have to be hot … and nerdy … and a virgin?

    Rory lives in darkness, suffering the aftereffects of a horrible prank that ruined his life six years ago. He’s not convinced anyone can help with his life-crippling phobia.

    Until Adrian, a preppy young therapist from the counseling center shows up on his doorstep.

    Rory’s brash, unapologetic personality should clash with Adrian’s skittishness.

    But instead of closing down, Rory finds himself opening up.

    One problem. He’s falling for the guy who’s supposed to help him. There are rules about things like that.

    Adrian is too innocent.

    Too pure.

    His inexperience with life extends to the bedroom as well.

    Why did his therapist have to be hot, and nerdy, and a virgin?

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