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Narrated by: Adam Gold

Owl’s Slumber

  • M/M Romance

  • Release Date: May 24, 2018

    Can a complicated man like Finnley find someone to love him, broken and all?

    Finnley’s life is a mess. Who’d want to date a mortician? Who’d want to date a guy with a phobia so crippling he couldn’t enter his bedroom at night? His problems are impossible to hide. One night stands are all he can afford. If anyone learned of his ridiculous issues, they’d never understand.

    Until Aven lands on his doorstep, boldly asking for a date, clearly seeking more.

    But if Finnley can’t open up about his past and his struggles, will Aven decide he’s too much and walk away? Or will he provide the strength and support Finnley’s been looking for to finally admit he needs help?

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